Lesson 2: Navigating business manager (Fundamentals)

Step 1: Go to Facebook Business Manager and click Create Account.

Step 2: Type your business name, your name, and email (or those of the primary Business Manager admin), and click Next > Finish.

Step 3: Add a cover photo and logo. You've now created your Business Manager.

Step 4: Learn more about your Business Manager. Your Business Manager dashboard has three primary tabs: Home, Ad Account Overview, and Activity. From the dashboard, you can access many of your day-to-day needs.

On the Home tab, you see shortcuts to security options, pending requests, ad accounts, and pages.

On the Ad Account Overview tab, you can run custom reports and access a range of performance metrics including: total spend, total impressions, reach, frequency, and CPMs, and so on.

On the Activity tab, you can see recent role changes to everyone who has access to your Business Manager.

Now you are set up, it can be quite overwhelming seeing all the options available to you.

In the video above I run through:

The Burger 🍔 Menu (Top Left) 


Create & Manage

Measure & Report




Learn how the professionals set-up adverts on FACEBOOK in 2020

We are going to learn the very basics on how to set up a simple video views campaign within facebook ads manager.

This has been broken down into 10 basic lessons. So you can skip forward or back if you forget something.

Remember that this is an advert, and we are just getting started.

See you soon 📡

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