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Over 450+ members of the worlds best paid social advertising talent. From agencies like OMD, Mediacom and Dentsu Aegis, to brands like Deliveroo, Many, Simba and Facebook Marketing Partners like Smartly, MakeMeReach & Driftrock.

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Do you want a hand with your advertising journey?

Do you have questions that need answering?

We will break down the acronyms, there will be no over complicated lingo.

We will KISS

Keep it simple stupid

A phrase used by the military

We are here to help you get started with advertising on social.

This means, create a page, create a business manager, create an ad account + link the three together. Already lost?

Maybe, and if so not to worry you are exactly who we want to help.

But also, if you do know what the above means, good on you, we might not be the right place for you to learn new things just yet, but be sure to sign up to the community at paidsociallists.com